Phamous was founded in 2010 to deliver full facilities management services to property owners and management corporations (MCSTs). We go beyond the traditional role of a managing agent, offering expert consultancy services to help our clients achieve the results they want in a quicker, more cost-effective manner.

This is reflected in our corporate logo. The five-point shell represents our commitment to protecting our clients' interest with Passion, Positivity, Professionalism, Productivity and Pledge.

With this in mind, our multi-disciplinary team works in partnership with our clients. Using our collective experience and diverse expertise in construction, structural engineering, real estate management, finance and more, works in partnership with our clients, we strive to enhance the value of each property through excellence in maintenance and management, and create a high-quality environment in which people can live, work and play. We achieve this with by ensuring the highest levels of service standards.


We have a team of Assessment Advisors who regularly review the performance of our employees and external service partners against our quality standards.


As part of our Trust Fund Management services, we provide professional market analysis and pricing projections for required repair and maintenance works to help our clients make cost-competitive decisions.


We offer our clients a suite of e-services hosted on our secure IT platform. This is a more convenient, cost-effective and highly productive approach to daily operational tasks like acquisition requests and billing.

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Facility Booking

Make a facility booking within your estate via our simple and secure online booking system here.


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For clients, residents and tenants of our managed properties, your electronic invoices are available here.