At Phamous, we are passionate about the work we do and the results we deliver to our clients. We have had the honour of working on a diverse portfolio that includes:

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Retail Properties
  • Strata Titled Properties
  • Public Housing
  • Educational Institutions
  • Specialised Properties-Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Libraries, Sports Complexes and Country Clubs

We are humbled that our commitment to service quality has been recognised by many of them. Here are some of their stories.

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"Phamous has improved the condition of our estate so much that we are now getting better sale and rental offers."
38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1

When we were appointed as the managing agent for this industrial estate in 2010, we had several key challenges on hand. The estate's energy consumption was higher than average, costing the client a tidy sum every month. We brought in our Energy Savings Manager to analyse usage patterns and recommended the installation of energy-saving devices. This reduced utility bills almost immediately-and by as much as 40%. The investment was quickly recouped and the client is still enjoying returns in the form of lower utility bills today.

At the same time, our team assessed the estate and presented a priority list of maintenance works to the Council. We ensured competitive pricing by benchmarking quotes to market rates and were on-site to supervise the work process. Once the estate was in good shape, we went a step further by providing landscaping services to give it an aesthetic boost. Today, the estate is the jem of Woodlands and we are proud to have played in part in helping it shine.




"We have very exacting standards regarding the appearance of our showroom. Phamous has been able to deliver on our expectations. Very reliable and highly professional!"
Munich Automobiles

We were tasked to provide daily cleaning services to the Leng Kee showroom of Munich Automobiles. As the premium distributor of BMW M Series performance cars in Singapore, we understand that it is critical for the client to maintain an upscale brand image and for its showroom to deliver the BMW experience. Based on our own cleanliness benchmark, Munich Auto's specifications and BMW's showroom requirements, we developed cleaning procedures and performance standards specifically for this client. We have a team of cleaners on rotation, with Assessment Advisors to ensure high levels of performance in terms of attendance, timeliness, speed, efficiency, customer service and quality of work. By putting in place a performance-based incentive scheme, we motivate our employees to do their best for every client.




"With Phamous as our managing agent, we could see and feel the difference in just six months. Remarkable!"
Prospero Ville

Like many developments, this residential condominium in Telok Kurau lacked the resources and know-how to manage their estate well. As managing agent, it was our responsibility to quickly put together a conditions report for the Council. As funds were short, we reviewed the development's finances and found that this was caused by a significant amount in arrears. While our finance team worked on collecting the outstanding amounts, our operations employees prioritised, recommended and oversaw a series of much-needed repair and maintenance work to the Council. By working in tandem, we achieved 100% collection of arrears and addressed a series of high-priority repair and maintenance needs within six months.



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